Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Pincer Grasp

Some babies walk early.  Some get teeth when they're 3 months old, some start talking before they can sit properly.  My boy, well he has an awesome pincer grasp. 

We started letting him eat fruits and veggies from the table when he was 6 months old.  That means he's had quite a bit of practice grabbing small things, and as a result, his hand coordination is pretty spectacular.  He proved that to me this weekend.

It was Saturday morning, and Abe decided to wake up a little earlier than normal.  Usually when that happens I can just bring him into bed with us and get a little more time.  He likes snuggling, and if I nurse him in bed we can get up to an extra hour of slumber at times. 

As per my plan, I dozed off.  NOT in my plan, however, was waking up 15 minutes later to a pain on my chest.  It burned, like someone was using me to put out his cigarette.  When I opened my eyes, I saw this tiny little outstretched arm, pincer reaching towards me like a crab.

Then I noticed a small mole on my chest peeking out just above my tank top.  The skin around it was hot and red, where my little crab-child had been trying to pinch it off of me.  I was being de-speckled.  And he just pinched on, determined to remove this tiny thing from his mama.

I've heard many parents speak about their children kicking in the womb.  "Oh he's going to be a little soccer player!"  Or their dramatic babies, "She'll be a performer."  We are NOT those parents, but if we were, I suppose I'd have to say our boy is destined to be a dermatologist.

Anyone need a mole removed?


  1. Hahaha! My niece tries to pick off my moles too!

  2. Bahahahahahaha. My sweet girl constantly tries to pick her daddy's moles off, and she's now nearly 2! :)

  3. bahahaha Avery is always trying to scratch the tattoo off my foot! :)

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